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Introduction to the China Port Museum

  China Port Museum is located Chunxiao Town, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The Museum was founded in October 2014, it has a total land area of 51,966 square meters, and a total construction area of 40,987 square meters. With port culture as its theme, the China Port Museum integrates exhibition, education, collection, research, tourism, international exchanges as well as other functions. Embodying internationalism, professionalism and interactivity, the largest and uppermost port theme museum in China has become a cultural base to inherit port history & culture and spread ocean civilization and a cultural fulcrum of the Maritime Silk Road in the new century.

  The architectural design inspiration of the museum is drawn from the conch. Its streamline modeling is extremely modern and its metal material reflects the sense of science and technology, shaping a form with strong taste of the sea. Its landscape design with characteristics of port combines ocean culture with port culture. All of these factors combine to express the new image of Ningbo, a creative and booming port city. Its architectural design reveals the new concept of “modern museum” emphasizing smooth, comfortable and open public space. The China Port Museum provides versatile culture, leisure and education services and becomes an important culture complex.

The exhibition hall

Ports Leading to the world
Chinese Port History Exhibition
Exhibition Hall 1

  With the historical time sequence as the main line, the exhibition shows the development and changes of Chinese ports. It is separated into four historical stages as followings: Ports in Remote Antiquity, Ancient Ports (Xia, Shang, Zhou Dynasties to 1840 A.D.), Modern Ports(1840 A.D. - 1949 A.D.), Modern and Contemporary Ports(1949A.D. - 2010A.D.). The exhibition area is 2950 square meters. Dynastic, iconic, landmark important historical facts, typical events and major achievements are displayed to both reflect the whole picture of Chinese ports development from different historical period, and also the unique role of important port in certain historical period .

Road of Innovation
Port Knowledge Exhibition
Exhibition Hall 2

  On the background of modern port technology, the port basic composition, main functions, infrastructure and important equipment, key technology, support system are demonstrated to reveal the technical characteristics and status of modern port. With professional function as the main line, the exhibition is divided into three sections: port construction, port operations and port support system. The exhibition covers an area of about 2000 square meters.

Sea-moistened Land
Beilun History and Culture Exhibition
Exhibition Hall 4

  Sea-moistened Land is a phrase that highly generalizes both the social and cultural form and geographical characteristic of the east harbor city, Beilun. History of open-minded Beilun people keeping forging ahead can be considered as the history of Beilun. Important historical facts, typical events and important figures from various historical stages are exhibited to enrich this theme. The exhibition area is 700 square meters.

Theme Display of Underwater Archaeology in China
Exhibition Hall 5

  With the exhibition area of 1800 square meters, the display content is divided into five parts: institutions and personnel, technology and equipment, investigation and excavation, protection and communication, planning and prospect. It presents the development history and main achievements of underwater archaeology and underwater cultural heritage protection in China for more than 20 years. There is another shipwreck repair display area with switchable glass that allows the public to watch protection setting and repair process of ancient shipwrecks such as Xiaobai Jiao No 1.

Scientific Exploration of Port
Exhibition Hall 6

  From the certain angle of port changes and characters from different time and space, on display in this exhibition are items about the topics like port technology, maritime shipping and marine geography, marine safety, etc. Designed to enable the visitors comprehensive understanding of port and ocean knowledge, the exhibition includes many interaction displays, i.e. goods loading and unloading, cargo inspection, surge experience, seawater desalination, underwater salvage and so on. The whole exhibition covers 1800 square meters.

Digital Experience of Ocean
Exhibition Hall 7

  The exhibition area is about 800 square meters. Sticking closely to the national ocean development strategy, the exhibition contains three main sectors, getting to know the ocean, taking advantage of ocean and the future ocean. Based on the core technology of digital ocean, the usage of advanced display means like virtual and special images in the exhibition makes the visitors learn knowledge about ocean and have fun at the same time by providing them a full immersion of visual and auditory experience to make them feel like being under the ocean when they are in the exhibition area.

Opening Hours

Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00-17:00
Closed on Mondays
Last admission at 16:00
Scientific Exploration of Port and Digital Experience of Ocean exhibition halls only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Group visitors over 30 can make reservation om work day (except Monday).

Getting Here

Beilun ChunxiaoYangshashan Station:Routes 721、670
Beilun Chunxiao Tinghai Road:Route 791

Drive along Taihe South Road from Beilun then turn left onto Chunxiao Dadao, keep drive about one kilometer till you see the museum on your right side.

Tel: 0574-26915555

Sina Weibo: @中国港口博物馆

Address: 6 Gangbo Road, Chunxiao Town, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province 315800